HSC Milling Centres for large-area machining of aluminium and plastics


In the past few years, PORTATEC has been specialising in the development and manufacturing of equipment designed for large-area cutting of lightweight materials.

With PORTATEC equipment, there is practically no limit to the customer’s wishes with regard to the size of the machining surface. Special mounting techniques allow working lengths of up to 20 m and widths of up to 4 m to be realised economically.

The complex interaction of air cushion pressure with an optimum air flow for carrying away the swarf from the cutting edge of the tool cooling do not only lead to a very considerable productivity gain, but is also makes excellent edge quality possible combined with the longest tool service lives. Milling spindles with rotational speeds of up to 60,000 rotations per minute and powers of up to 10 kW permit feed rates of more than 10 m/min even with complex structures.

The vacuum table is complemented with the new patented vilmill-clamping system for secure fixation of small parts during machining.